Weaving Webs

Cindy, a Black Widow Spider, and I cohabited a small shed over the last couple months. A couple weeks after I had discovered home in this rustic living space, Cindy knitted her home at the foot of my bed. At first I was a bit creeped out by her vibrant presence: the size of a quarter, jet black, with a perfect red hourglass on her abdomen, she lurked in the crevices of the metal shelter. Before long I began to appreciate her company. Each night I would ceremonially smudge myself and her with an elegant concoction of sacred herbs. I trusted she would stay in her corner and not harm me, just as she trusted me to keep away from her intricate abode.

A few mornings ago, I found Cindy lying dead on the wood that lines the bottom of our shed. I’m not sure how she died. When I came back from two weeks at a SunDanceĀ  ceremony, I found she had made a new web in a neighbouring location. She looked healthy and had plenty of insect skeletons surrounding her. Whatever the case, I am sad to have her gone. I also know that her presence lives on inside that shed, even though she is building a new home somewhere new. I imagine it is even more amazing than the last two!

I too am about to leave my current home to weave a new web. It has been an intense couple months in Prescott, AZ: studying, playing, practicing ceremony, discovering and growing in spirit. I am very thankful for the experiences I’ve had here and the connections I have made. Yet again, I am leaving a place that I now call home. I am because I feel the call to other places and people- all part of my path and purpose. There is more to learn and experience…with each new home I feel more connected to myself, my communities, the Earth and “spirit.” The love inside me grows stronger and more beautiful with each unique soul I interact with.There are so many pieces, all connected, and I patiently continue to weave them all together. Ceremony, unconditional loveĀ  and passion allow me to discover their meanings within my heart.

Spider Web at Machu Picchu

Spider Web at Machu Picchu)

So, I begin to pack my bags. I am taking the parts of this current web that continue to serve me, while letting go of the pieces that are no longer of use. For each and every thread, I have deep gratitude for the ways in which they connect us.

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