Two Weeks to Wellness

Two Weeks to Wellness

It is the beginning of the new year, when everyone is trying frantically to keep up their ‘New Year Resolutions.’ As time slips away, these goals we’ve made for ourselves seem more and more like another unachieved dream from the past. Sound familiar? NOOO!!!!

Most people’s resolutions involve something to do with health and wellness, including changes in physical appearance, stress management, getting more in touch with the heart and nature. The thing is, we can’t have proper well being unless we are working on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in balanced way.

So whatever your resolutions and goals are for this year, this is a group designed to help you achieve the life you’ve been wanting to live!

Beginning this Monday (Jan. 14), I would like to help facilitate a space for people to reach their health goals over the next 2 weeks. I will be holding events, posting suggestions on here and blogs on my website, and open to further ideas and questions. Also, invite anyone else you think might benefit!

This is a pilot project for my future career goals. Any other suggestions, comments, ideas,etc are welcome! Here’ to living the life we’ve imagined!

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