THE Path…

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

This is a quote that forever resonates with me through my ongoing journeys. One foot in front of the other, I am walking towards my dreams, fulfilling my passions and moving towards the light- the one we all seek as collective human beings. Sometimes the path seems impossible and convoluted with obstacles or barriers…fallen trees, prickly thorns and sky-scraping mountains…are the challenges that make our walk an exciting adventure! With this perspective, obstacles become opportunities and barriers show-up in beauty. We can learn to move gracefully through…around, over, under and between…the beautiful opportunities life presents us with.

I have just returned from a transformational experience that taught me a great deal about how to dance…skip, stumble, climb and fly…along my path. This experience was also a reassuring mirror, reflecting that this path is the one I’m meant to be on. I spent over a month in California, connecting deeply with the beautiful land, inspiring people and heart-filled communities. Through ceremony and creativity, I watched the marriage, birth and growth of the flourishing life we all can live! I’d like to call this unnamed “thing,” that I am referring to, “HEART work.” I want to share this way with all my people, and their people, and all the beings to come. I will just begin to etch my humble story here, in hopes of beginning to inspire, move and restore

On February 26, 2013, I stood alone in the desert of Death Valley, feeling on the verge of something incredibly profound. Ten extraordinary folks were on the same vast land, on day three of their Vision Fast. We all gathered together a week prior: the ten participants, two guides and two assistants (one being myself). We were there because we were called to be- to encounter a very important truth! These courageous people were there to nourish themselves, their people and the Earth. They would do this by enduring the discomforts of the wild winds and shelter-less heat of the desert, going four days and nights without food or company, and spending two weeks away from modern day comforts. I was blessed to be a part of this group, learning from the fasters and other guides how to  holistically serve.

My journey to this place began before I can even remember; however, I began my intentional steps on this path of becoming a “Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide” last the fall, training with the School of Lost Borders. There, I had spent my own time Vision Questing in a neighbouring valley. Who knew I would be back, just months later, to assist in facilitating this powerful experience for others? Now, back in the vast and cleansing land; there I was, with the honour of assisting on the School of Lost Borders‘ Mid-Winter Fast. During this time, I received the opportunity to do my own 24-hour fast, rekindling my connections and strengthening my intent. During this fast, I sensed that I was standing with one foot in reality and the other in the mystic. Half of me was living in modernday logic, the other was being enveloped by some kind of ancient magic. It took a lot of effort to balance in both these worlds, these seemingly opposite ways of being. My heart knew that there was a simpler way, which would allow me to fully step into my power and purpose. That night, I built a circle of rocks representing my home. After tip-toeing around the edge, I jumped fully into the centre…into the abyss.

In this place, reality and mystic became the same thing. This was also true of logic and magic, light and dark, feminine and masculine, sky and earth, fear and courage, asleep and awake, new and ancient, near and far…all opposites became one! It was a truth that was more sound than anything I’ve ever experienced. If only words could describe the lessons I learned, in those timeless hours, spent in that circle! Yet, I know that these words are not what we need right now. It is an embodied sense; a knowing with heart; that will set us free from the walls, fences and borders that trap us.

Entrapment is freedom and space is containment. I am aware of the nonsense of my words to the logical mind, so I strive to find a way to just allow you to feel into what it is I am saying. Just as I was never “taught” any of these incredible lessons, nor can I preach them to you. They must be given the opportunity to be drawn forth and percolate beneath the skin and mind. 

The gift is within each of us…we know it in our core. I only ask for the opportunity, to create the space and container, for you to be empowered and discover this truth within you. This is something YOU can obtain and nurture. This will fill the emptiness and empty the fullness. This will heal ourselves and our planet. This is THE path!

To be continued…


Overlooking Death Valley from Alabama Hills, at the base of Mount Whitney.

Overlooking Death Valley from Alabama Hills, at the base of Mount Whitney.

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