In my Sustainability and Environmental Studies course, my first assignment was to vision our livelihood path a few years from now. The idea of intentional vision practice makes so much sense on many levels. Studies show that athletes perform better when the visualize the act of their sport. Focusing our energy into what we want, is inevitably going to increase our ability to achieve it.  Also, ““When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” -Paulo Cohelo in the Alchemist

It was optional to share this activity with our classmates, in case some people may feel self conscious about their dreams. Yes, I feel some vulnerability, as always, in sharing my passion on the web. However, I truly believe the the energy we put out there is the energy that will come back to us. So here it is:

“It is 2016, in a beautiful mountain town. I awake in a humble and wild abode, feeling joyful, light and strong. I ceremonially get out of bed and dress for my morning, barefoot jog along a sandy forest path. This makes me feel energized and refreshed for a busy, yet exciting, day. I teach an 8am yoga class, with students who are passionate about the spiritual, mental and physical practice.

Now it’s time for a hearty, healthy breakfast made with all organic food (mostly from the community garden) and eggs from our lovely pet chickens. We pick fresh avocados from the tree in the backyard to accompany our meal. This feast prepares us for the physical labour of building a sustainable community.

In the afternoon, I spend my time guiding people in the community to live to their fullest potential of wellness I empower my “clients” to find holistic health in their bodies, minds and hearts. I meet with them one-on-one for outdoor mentoring, addressing their needs and dreams. They are inspired to live in a way that connects them to themselves, their community and to the land. Each moment is lived in ceremony, with discovery, magic, and gratitude for all things.

When I complete my long day’s work, I utilize the last of the daylight to go do some adventurous activity. Then I share a beautiful meal with people I love. Each day we take turns cooking for each other, then have a “dish party” to clean-up. We gather by a camp-fire to play music, sing, dance and create.

Before I settle into bed, I feel excited about next week’s trip to another beautiful place- I will be facilitating a Rites of Passage program. I think about the people I will be guiding and pray to hold the perfect space that they need for transformation. I read a bit, about a topic I am passionate about, before blowing out the candle.”

And that’s the dream “day-in-the-life of Amanda.” I encourage you to take some intentional time to envision your future. You may experience a sense of  lightness, confidence and passion!


Educo participants having fun "working" in the community garden.

Educo participants having fun “working” in the community garden.

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  1. mammasmith June 7, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    Where do I sign up? and how long can I stay? and how can I help this powerful amazing lifestyle?

    • Amanda June 8, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

      Wellll….we’re getting there one step at a time! The step I’m taking right now is getting trained and educated.The step you’re taking is raising beautiful, Earth conscious children…not to mention the lovely homes you are building at Fircom!:)

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