Wilderness Rites of Passage/Vision Quest

"Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars, mirrored in your being." -Rumi

“Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars, mirrored in your being.” -Rumi

Our lives are in a state of constant change. Whether we resist them or embrace them, transitions are an inevitable part of our life cycle. In our modern times, we often get stuck in the middle of these transitions- unable to let go of the past so that we can fully embrace the future. This is true for entering new stages in our development (ie. childhood, adolescents, adulthood, elder-hood and everything in between), grieving loss (ie. the death of a loved one, illness, losing a job or old way of being), welcoming new life or experiences (ie. having a child, new relationships, being married, spiritual revelations), and many other phases and transformations we go though as humans.

Most ancient cultures had (in some cases still have) ceremonial ways (Rites) for people to deal with these changes every human goes through. These ancient philosophies and psychologies are often based on some form of  wheel or circle. In my personal experience, many of these circles encompasses the relationship between human cycles, seasons, the four (or eight) directions, the elements and many other components that relate in the natural world. There is no better teacher for us than the Earth itself, once we learn to speak her language. The mirror that is provided for us by the land is one that will always tell the truth.

My personal experience with Rites of Passage and Vision Quest work have been the most incredible learnings in my life thus far. The growth and enlightenment I have achieved; from various solitary time on the land, sitting in council, and connecting from the heart; is immeasurable. Because of this, I want to empower others to have such profound experiences.

I am currently on the path to becoming a full fledged Vision Quest Guide. My unique and diverse experiences so far have included personal studies of indigenous cultures; a 5-day guided Wilderness Rites of Passage training (including 24-hour solo) through Educo Adventure School; a ceremonial week long (including a guided Vision Quest) through the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies, self-initiated ceremony; and, most recently, a Two Week Training for Vision Fast Guiding (including a 4-day Vision Fast in the desert of California) with the School of Lost Borders. I am about to embark on the next journey, by assisting on the Mid Winter Fast with the School, then attending the Wilderness Guides Council gathering of 2013.

Keep checking in to find out about future projects and plans, to bring Wilderness Rites of Passage experiences to the West Coast of Canada, in the near future. Also, please contact me with questions, ideas or requests for creating a program, workshop or experience that may fit with your own endeavours. I am currently seeking land, partnerships, networks and other channels for me to continue weaving the web of my life’s work of reconnecting people to their hearts, people and land!