Day 8: Get Physical

There will always be endless supplies of excuses to not exercise. “I don’t have time,” “I’m too tired,” “I can’t afford to go to the gym,” “I don’t know how,” “it’s boring,” and many other sentences may sound familiar. Do you know that exercise can increase your lifespan, make daily activities easier, prevent injury and disease, promote mental health, and increase self-esteem, to name a few of the benefits.

I know I’ve had times exercise feels like a chore, and the more I get into “excuse-mode,” the harder it becomes to get back into it. Then I just get out and DO IT! By IT, I mean ANYTHING ACTIVE! As soon as I begin, I feel re-energized and stoked for my next work-out.

For example, I took yesterday off physical activity (after 5 days straight of Bikrams yoga), because I felt my body needed a break. I began to feel less energetic as the day passed. Then today I woke up feeling completely unmotivated to be active, and overwhelmed by the list of non-active things to do. Past experience reminded me that once I get moving, not only would I my physical energy return, I would also be rejuvenated for all the other priorities on my list! So, my friend Lindsay Donaldson (of Shred Felines) and I headed up to Mt Seymour. Monday nights are “Shred for the Cure,” where ladies ride free with a donation towards cancer. Physical activity, fresh air, and good company were just what I needed!

As you can see, those excuses just need a firm hand to drag them off the couch and out the door. Below are some suggestions for physical activity that overcome some of those excuses:

  • Limited time: try a workout app such as “Workout Trainer,” use the elliptical machine while studying, or incorporate exercise into time spent with important people(ie. go for a walk instead of coffee).
  • Low energy: do something active right when you wake up. I’m not a morning person either! I swear it will give you more energy for the entire day, and prevents the excuse-a-thon that inevitably follows a stagnant morning.
  • Limited Funds: You may recall from my Day 2  blog that there are lots of deals out there for inexpensive exercise. Not to mention walking, running, biking and at-home work-outs (and apps) are completely free.
  • Inexperience: Getting a personal trainer is a great way to combat this (soon to be me!). Join a fitness class. Or ask a keen friend who has experience (ME!).
  • Uninterested: Also read my Day 2 blog for more ideas on finding your passion!

It’s time to go DO IT!

Getting physical in Red Rocks, Nevada; overlooking the big city of Las Vegas.

Getting physical in Red Rocks, Nevada; overlooking the big city of Las Vegas.


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