Day 12: Nourish

The majority of people in North America are overfed, yet under-nourished. This is one of the many astonishing and life-changing things I learned from the movie Hungry for Change. It’s out on Netflicks-I highly recommend watching it! When it comes to food and diet, our Western society is very ill! We go through cycles of trying various diets, and extreme binges, because we are ADDICTED to unnatural food chemicals. This addiction is no different than that of nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, or other harmful substances- besides the fact that it is completely accepted by our people!!!

You may be thinking, “there is no way the food we eat is as harmful as the drugs listed above.” The truth is, sugar, white flour, msg and the many other substances found in the processed and modified junk, that is in the majority of our food, is killing way more people than those drugs. Heart disease, malnutrition, obesity, cancer, and reduced quality of life are all symptoms people experience due to the average foods that we being sold to us. If that’s not sick, I don’t know what is.

Don’t fret, there is hope!!! We CAN make the changes we are hungry for, whether we know it or not. Besides watching the above movie I suggested, here are some tips for better nourishing ourselves.

  • As mention in my blog from Day 6-Purification, cleansing is a way to reset the body and beat sugar and simple carbohydrate addictions. Clink that link for further suggestions on how to cleanse.
  • Follow Canada’s Food Guide…this link will take you to the index of an interactive, educational website. Following the recommended types and portions of food, as closely as possible, is the safest and most long-term way to reach and maintain a healthy weight, while giving our bodies what they need. The key is to actually follow it…which is not that hard!
  • Eat wholes foods whenever possible (which technically should be always) and read the labels of packaged food. If sugar is high on the ingredient list, or you don’t know what something is, don’t buy it!
  • Plan your meals! I know, we’re all too busy to have one more thing to fuss over. However, THIS one thing may be the most important for leading a happy, productive and enjoyable life!  Health is not something to cut corners on and will actually save you time (and money!) in the long run.
  • Introduce a new grain, fruit or vegetable into your diet each day. Examples of grains to try are: quinoa, wild rice, barley, buckwheat, amaranth; examples of different fruits are: kiwi, pear-apples, pomegranate, dried goji berries; examples of less common veggies are: parsnips, bok-choy, eggplant, kale, beets. Recipes to cook with these things can be found all over the internet and in cook-books.
  • Eat a vegetarian dish at least once a week. Maybe make it “Meat-Free-Mondays,” or “Save-the-earth-Sundays.” Not only will you do your body a favour, the impact the meat industry has on the planet is astronomical.  This does not have to mean eating soy products on “Tofu-Tuesdays.” Vegetarian food can be some of the best and most balanced. Ask anyone I’ve cooked for (there are lots of them!).
  • Look up new recipes on sites like Eating Well, Heart and Stroke Foundation and many others that are just an internet search away! After awhile of cooking with healthy foods, you will see how simple it is and the room for creative juices to flow through your kitchen. Ask me for some tips, as this is my forte!
  • Involve friends and family. Have healthy potlucks, take turns inviting each other over for nutritious meals, share recipes and encourage each other. After all, the issue is not with the individual…it is our entire society that is sick!

Let’s change it!!! Let’s nourish our bodies, minds, community and planet…

Who's eating who?!?

Who’s eating who?!?

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