Day 10: Be…Here…Now

I love the abundance of Bald Eagles, around Vancouver and area, at this time of year! I was reminded of this on my drive back into the city, through Ladner. As I was battling with traffic and pouring rain, I saw many beautiful Eagles, sitting in trees and on lamp posts. I was in awe of their presence.

I began to wonder: why are they here right now, in the cold and wet?? They fly wherever they want. They looked so powerful and intentional, as they perched, patiently waiting for something. The rain dripped off their elegant feathers. I felt foggy and scattered, as I drove, yearning for things I don’t have…wanting to be elsewhere. The rain dripped down my wind-shield.

Aha! What a potent medicine the Bald Eagle has offered to me today! What is the reason for resisting the weather? After all, it is why the plants here are so green and lush! Why am I pondering the past and future in such a frivolous way? I must focus my energy on what best serves me, my community and the land. Do I need those things I don’t have…is there really any place better than HERE?  This is it..there is nothing more and nowhere else! Being in the moment shows us that there is so much to be grateful for. As we have discovered over the past 10 days, gratitude is oh -so-healing!

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why its called the present.” -Author Unknown

Bald Eagle, patiently waiting with his reflection.

Bald Eagle, patiently waiting with his reflection.

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