Continuing on THE Path.

"Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars, mirrored in your being." -Rumi

“Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars, mirrored in your being.” -Rumi

…Then you must cross back over the threshold- an invisible, non-linear “line,” representing the place outside of ceremony. It is a circle that starts inside and continues without…wrapping around your cells, bones, skin, energy field, community and continuing around the Earth and Universe. These circles spiral and weave, connecting and making us all part of this ONE. What exactly is this multiplying and dividing ONE?

When you cross the threshold, after a Rite of Passage ceremony, at first the lines between US and IT remain blurred and intangible. You know these people, creatures and land will hear your story…truly listen and feel it in their ancient hearts. What a blessing you have received! What a gift you have to share! The connecting circle of community continues to surround your entire being. You are safe inside your soft skin and the malleable container enveloping you. This container is created by the energy, people and wilderness that holds us with such tenderness, so you can melt in vulnerability and be held high. That connection you feel, with the ONE, is ecstatic!

At some point in time, we must not dwell in this space between the threshold and tangible. There are other people to touch with our gentler hands, other land to be blessed by our energized feet and other gifts to be gained by our expanded minds. The ceremony is there to prepare us for incorporation of the intentions we have claimed, for ourselves, our people and our planet! We must solidify this intention as we passage back into our “old” world, encompassing it with new eyes and ears.

Then, the lines become more tangible, more solid, more concrete. They appear as fences, walls, pavement and borders. Often they feel suffocating and crushing. During this transition, I yearn for that space that allows me to pass back into ceremony. I long for the community and container that held and nurtured me. I wonder if it was even real or just a rusty dream. How can I go back to that place and find the mirror, which allowed me to see the beauty in myself and the Earth?

The answer is within that mirror…  Thanks to ceremony, heart-work and expression of gratitude, I have found this stunning mirror more and more accessible to me. I also become more free to share it with the world around me.

If you are interested in finding, and harnessing, this mirror within yourself, I know of an experience that will blow your mind! It is a journey through the threshold and back, a passage into the ceremony that is just waiting to be embodied and expressed. This is a place where we get to share our transformation, with beautiful people, on extraordinary land. Experience the connection, the ONE, the Universe-

Please join me on THE Path..

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