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Art of Mentoring and Deep Nature Connection; Week Two- Digging Beyond the Surface

I am 16 years old, the last few years of my life have been tumultuous, and in this moment I am sitting on the windy ridge of a mountain. The sun is well on its way to the West, as I reflect upon the pristine landscape. I listen to Moon who is ready to rise and […]

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Art of Mentoring and Deep Nature Connection; Week One- Meet Coyote

Did I mention I love CONNECTION? Well I do. A connection I am especially grateful for right now is the relationship between my academic endeavours and my daily passions. For example: I get to Blog as a weekly assignment for my Art of Mentoring and Deep Nature Connection Course. What's more is it's all about [...]
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Stepping Beyond: Educo’s First Adult Wilderness Rites of Passage Course.

What happens when a group of people gather, with full permission to explore their outer and inner nature? The freedom to connect deeply with one another and the wild seems to have the most healing affect on all people. Once a person is liberated by the deep messages that can be heard in nature, she [...]
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Mirrors in the Sunrise

Nervous glances are projected around a circle of 15 people. Looking closely at any other person in that circle, one can see the reflections of fear, doubt, self-consciousness, admiration, excitement and love. Look into her eyes and you will see yourself glowing back at you… I was recently assisting on the School of Lost Borders‘ […]

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Weaving Webs

Cindy, a Black Widow Spider, and I cohabited a small shed over the last couple months. A couple weeks after I had discovered home in this rustic living space, Cindy knitted her home at the foot of my bed. At first I was a bit creeped out by her vibrant presence: the size of a […]

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In my Sustainability and Environmental Studies course, my first assignment was to vision our livelihood path a few years from now. The idea of intentional vision practice makes so much sense on many levels. Studies show that athletes perform better when the visualize the act of their sport. Focusing our energy into what we want, […]

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Continuing on THE Path.

…Then you must cross back over the threshold- an invisible, non-linear “line,” representing the place outside of ceremony. It is a circle that starts inside and continues without…wrapping around your cells, bones, skin, energy field, community and continuing around the Earth and Universe. These circles spiral and weave, connecting and making us all part of this ONE. […]

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Creating Community

I’m presently sitting in a coffee shop in Vancouver, facing out the window onto Main street. Pastel-pink petals are falling, like snow, onto the pavement and parked cars. It’s a Rite of spring in this city, when the Cherry Blossom petals flutter around in all directions. A bashed-up BMW is North bound on the back […]

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Birthday Blog- With Fresh Eyes…

It’s April 11th, 2013- I wake up, in my birthday suit, to the joyful song of the birds and the curious light of dawn peaking through the blinds. I feel so much love inside my soft skin, down to the depths in my bones. My mind, body and heart radiate a beautiful and powerful energy, […]

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The Earth speaks with many different voices. She whispers through the winds, echoes in the canyons, sings amongst the birds, dances beside the moon, babbles with the creeks, and remains stone-silent. On Easter, she roared a gentle message in my face: “RIGHT NOW…you are safe!” Then she hushed, “just wait…with patience and gratitude.” I hear you Grandmother…and […]

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