Day 4: Find the Love Within

When I woke up this morning, I felt some anxiety creep up again around not having the technology to be "plugged in" and get some of my important internet tasks completed. So, I randomly picked up a book on the bedside table and began flipping through the pages. It is called Love for No Reason [...]
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Day 3: Don’t let your eyes go SQUARE…get some fresh AIR!

So I am noticing my anxiety level increase as I realize the repercussions of being in front of the screen all day. I've been studying for my online Person Training Specialist course all day, while being side tracked by many other computer related things...including writing this post! I don't have time to get my charger [...]
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Day 2: Saying YES to the New

What are your hidden passions? We all have them. You know the ones- they're like a fire of ideas that keeps burning at your heart, and your mind finds ways to stifle them with a plethora of excuses. Maybe you've always wanted to take dance or fitness classes, express yourself through poetry or painting, learn [...]
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Day 1: Mindfulness

Two Weeks to Wellness- Day 1: Mindfulness The first step to becoming healthy is to engage in mindfulness of your current state of health. In order to create change, we must first be conscious of what exactly we need to change. To become conscious of  our current state of being requires intention and awareness; however, [...]
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Two Weeks to Wellness

Two Weeks to Wellness It is the beginning of the new year, when everyone is trying frantically to keep up their ‘New Year Resolutions.’ As time slips away, these goals we’ve made for ourselves seem more and more like another unachieved dream from the past. Sound familiar? NOOO!!!! Most people’s resolutions involve something to do […]

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