About Amanda



For the past several years I have been dwelling in many places, including Europe, the Canadian Rockies, jungles of South America, deserts of the south west and close to the Pacific ocean. What a beautiful planet! I currently reside in British Columbia, which is where I was born and raised.

I was incredibly blessed to spend much of my childhood connecting freely with nature, in my forested back yard. As an adolescent I attended a 10-day course at Educo Adventure School, where I had a transformative experience, integral to my journey as a young adult. I sensed an innate, ancient wisdom inside myself and all beings. I wanted the whole world to experience this amazing uplift that occurs when connecting so deeply with the land, our community and ones own heart. It is my life’s work to empowers others to live happy, healthy lives on a happy, healthy planet.

This journey has lead me through amazing experiences. I have a diploma in Adventure Tourism Operations, which included various adventure skills certifications and academic business courses. During this time I worked in the fields of outdoor education, youth work and wilderness therapy. Then I began to delve into wilderness rites of passage and vision quest guiding, discovering my most powerful calling yet. I began training and assisted with the School of Lost Border. This has lead me to complete an Environmental Studies degree in Sustainable Community Development and Health, with a minor in Ecopsychology. My most recent endeavour has been the incredible journey into motherhood. I am very passionate about parenthood as a rite of passage and raising our children with intention, while maintaing low environmental footprints.

Whether volunteering with indigenous communities on environmental endeavours, taking troubled youth into the back country, doing a vision fast to rekindle my own intentions, or taking time to be in nature with my son; my true hearts journey is to give myself, and others, tools for regenerating Mother Earth and the communities who inhabit her.