Creating Community

Intermediate Girls, Educo 2011

Summit of Eureka Peak

I’m presently sitting in a coffee shop in Vancouver, facing out the window onto Main street. Pastel-pink petals are falling, like snow, onto the pavement and parked cars. It’s a Rite of spring in this city, when the Cherry Blossom petals flutter around in all directions. A bashed-up BMW is North bound on the back of a tow-truck. Saturday’s flow of traffic consists of rows of cars, driving by in all directions. A cute couple walks South, smiling arm in arm; a wild woman is laughing with her cell phone in ear; a mournful-eyed man, with piercings decorating his face, glances in the window; a glamorous gal in a black dress and green hair, walks out of one of the six coffee shops on the block, paper-cup in hand; an eccentric elder has an animated conversation with himself, briefly interrupted by puffs of his cigarette.  The culture of Main is an eclectic crowd of humans, who wonder the side-walks in all directions.

They are all beautiful- each petal, each car, each human….all with a profound purpose and unique presence. I can see the beauty now, even in the midst of the chaotic city. Sometimes I forget about this beauty and purpose, when my mind gets so fixated on wanting to control what is- that’s when things start to look ugly and feel heavy. Then, a deep connection with some other entity, provides a mirror for the Heart and she is evoked to take power (but not control). “We are are never in control,” Heart reminds Brain- with sensations, not words. This is when things become beautiful and light again!

That mirror…in the fluttering petals, fast-moving cars and faces of humans…is the essence of community. Sometimes our reflection looks back at us, in pain and disgust, seeing all the flaws that are out of our control. Other times there is an image of pure joy and radiance, patiently ready for creation on the reflective canvas in front of us. “YES!” she exclaims (that heart within us and all beings). This is her response to that Universal calling in each of us.

Today, my vibrant community says “YES!” to my calling. As I fall gracefully from the branches, I trust that I will be gently carried by the wind and held by the land. As I drive forward, with power and intention, I can see my destination getting clearer in the horizon. As I wander through the crowds of people, I know that under the layers of unique clothing and masses of flesh, there is a core that is no different than the one inside me. What is this core; without the sensuous skin, without the determined direction and without the letting-go, to land in the arms of those around us? On this planet, the fuzzy forms, around our core, are what sustain this presence. We need to show up here, for our community and the Earth…the way they do for us!

A few days ago, I leapt off the edge by asking my community for financial support, to aid with my ability to complete a life and Earth changing college program. The fall felt scary, had some turbulence and now I am slowly floating with the support of many strong and generous hands. I have immense gratitude! Soon I expect to land softly on the ground, ready to speed forward with obtaining my degree in Sustainable Community and Human Development at Prescott College. In accomplishing this, I plan to continue on this path of making a positive impact, by helping to create and sustain healthy land and members of the global community!

I would like to share a couple links the relate to my specific cause and current need for weaving a community network:

A crowdfunding site with my personal fundraising details:

This is an inspiring TED Talk by Amanda Palmer called “The Art of Asking:”

As I exchange smiles with various people that pass by, I see a knowing look in their eyes. These sacred connections weave strands of luminous love between beings, to create a sturdy and emanating net. This is the network that keeps us safe, catches us when we fall and cradles us in our vulnerability. This is how we create community…

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